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The Horror! Nobody’s House Looked Like This


Birkenstock House, 1962

Because I’m a literary biographer who writes about American authors on either side of World War II, and because I grew up then, I’m delighted when I run across a blog post or a magazine feature that illustrates the architecture or taste of the 1950s and 60s. But I have to say, that rooms like this make me itchy. Nobody’s house looked like this, unless perhaps they lived in a no-tell-motel intended for assignations. I suppose that compressing the zeitgeist of an era into an explosion of taste is representative somehow, but it makes me wonder whether other reassembled rooms at historical sites are similarly skewed by the curator’s taste and not really accurate.

Anyway, if people in the Fifties and Sixties had actually lived like this, they would’ve gone mad. See more about the orange house above see MessyNessy Chic. To see 10 classic Midcentury interiors like Birkenstock House, go to Elle Decor.